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Meet the Regulars

Meet the Regulars Written by Miss Biddle
Meet the Regulars

Hello again, and welcome back to the Phonics Museum blog.  We’re happy to have you visit us! Did you know that the four of us are ‘regulars’ at the Museum?  Which four, you ask? Allow me to introduce myself and the others.

My name is Miss Biddle. I’m the museum curator, teacher and guid eat the Phonics Museum. I will help introduce you to new letters, their sounds, and give you your instructions for your activities at the Museum. I’m a big fan of brightly colored outfits, the alphabet and smiling!

I’ve a great helper at the Museum, his name is Percival.  You’ll be surprised to learn that Percival is a suit of armor.  He may look tough, but he’s a big softy. He’s quite the helper too.  If you have a question during your visits to the Phonics Museum, Percival is the one with the answers.  He’s been around the Museum for quite a number of years and really knows his way around.

We have two other regulars at the museum, their names are Wendy and William.  Both Wendy and William love their visits to the Museum, and they both enjoy studying the classic artwork and sculpture while learning to read.  Wendy and William both serve as guides to our Museum visitors, like you. You can choose to have either Wendy or William be your guide when you’re using the app.  

If you’d like to get to know the four of us better, than I’d invite you to join us at the Museum, by downloading it to your iOS device and starting your FREE two-week trial.  

Thanks for reading and check back regularly for more about the app, tips for developing your child’s love of reading, suggested activities for practicing writing and phonics, and much more!

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