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Inspiring Content to Read

With the theme of a museum as its backdrop, curriculum designed by Classical Education leaders exposes children in an imaginative way to historical stories while integrating an appreciation for the fine arts. While building word skills and gaining reading ability, the attention of young minds is captured and engaged!

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Fun Games Woven Throughout

One of 22 games, “Jack-in-the-Box” playfully calls for children to listen for the sound of “ah.” When they hear it, they must tap on the box whose “jack” is appropriately a smiling little painter with palette and brush. In “Frog on a Lily Pad,” younger learners are challenged to identify a particular letter and tap on the appropriate lily pad when they see it.

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Teaching That Parents Can Trust

Dads and moms can know their little ones are receiving a sound education thanks to innovative curriculum merging a classical approach with modern technology. The solid phonics-based program teaches uppercase and lowercase letters, helps children understand the consonant-vowel and vowel-consonant syllables, as well as beginning blending earlier in order to read words.

Developing Lifelong Readers

Once children have visited each floor at Phonics Museum and completed the lessons and activities, they’ll be able to read a small, age-appropriate book by themselves. It’s the beginning of a solid foundation — instilling confidence in young ones today, and developing a love for reading and learning for life!

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