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Easter Adventures for Your Family

Easter Adventures for Your Family Written by Miss Biddle & Percival
Easter Adventures for Your Family

This time of year we are in the process of remembering Christ's death on the cross and prepare to celebrate his Resurrection on Easter Sunday!

There are so many things to enjoy about Easter: from the spring colors to the chocolate bunnies and marshmallow chicks. But where do these Easter traditions come from?

We wanted to share a number of FREE coloring books with you that we have created for our Phonics Museum App families. These coloring books tell the story of Easter as well as the stories behind some of the Easter traditions!

We hope your family enjoys these!
Miss Biddle & Percival

The Story of Easter

For several weeks now, as part of Lent, we have been¬†remembering to think about¬†Christ's death and resurrection‚ÄĒand to look forward to Easter!¬† There are so man...

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4-Week Free Trial to App!

We are offering four-week free trials of our Phonics Museum app and our Veritas Bible course!    How do you claim your free gift?  Email our service department ...

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It's A Spooky One

Have you ever wondered how "Halloween" got its start?  Where this this spooky holiday come from?   A long, long time ago there was an ancient Celtic festival he...

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